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Accumulation Stage  Investor Overview

      Over the course of a career, an investor is in their "accumulation stage" of the investment lifecycle, and accumulates wealth within tax advantaged retirement accounts ( 401K, IRA, Keogh accounts, etc. ). There are a variety of equity asset based ( stocks ) and duration asset based ( bonds ) investments that are offered within company sponsored "plans". These offerings may be sufficient towards achieving a reasonable level of terminal retirement wealth accumulation into their "income stage" ( retirement / decumulation ) years.

However, a motivated, DIY investor may want to explore means towards producing a "higher" terminal wealth accumulation - one compared to that produced by the assets recommended within the conventional retirement plans.

      Research conducted by "Stock Market Map", demonstrates the construction of a simple portfolio of three equity based asset classes that has, over decades, produced "highest" wealth accumulation versus "benchmark" or versus conventional retirement plan investment offerings. This portfolio may be most optimally employed and managed within a "Roth" or conventional IRA account via a brokerage company of the investor's discretion.


     The three asset class portfolio is described in "A Three Asset Class Portfolio For Accumulation Stage Growth" here :

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